3 – The look

– What did you say? – She spoke quietly in a hoarse voice.

He said nothing, just looked at her with a slight smile. She saw the bulge of his pants, and he knew he did not want to go. She turned abruptly, when he stopped in her ass look in the mirror. Her hands quickly began unbuckling his belt.

– You’ll walk, but not now – she looked as she unbuttoned. Her eyes gleamed angrily. – I’ll fuck and then will go – after his pants fell to the ground, she said with a movement away his jacket and continued to undress by unbuttoning his shirt.

He suddenly grabbed her arm so hard that she cried, but rather by vazbuda.Obichashe strong mazhe.Toy bent slightly and said in her ear:

– No, I’ll fuck.

He again turned her back to him and then leaned forward. Her hands grasped the small table in front of the mirror. Her back arched and her ass jutted up. She was breathing heavily, but stood silent and trembling with anticipation. It took him a few seconds to bring down his briefs. She felt the head of his penis lightly pressed against her labia. A slight noise and pushed back at him. He paused, took a condom out of his pocket and put it on. Then he pressed his penis to her, she gently put him and she cried again. He felt how damp and how he wants only to stops. His hands slid forward and one he took her so that two fingers pressed her clit. She moaned loudly and sharply pushed back. He did not move and let it run itself. She cried and increasingly strung member, but distraught that he did not move. He leaned into her ear by gently out.

– Do you want it?

She just looked up and looked in the mirror without saying anything. He stood up and with a flick scored most of his member into her vagina. She did not even cry, just ryazkosi breath and felt shivers of delight erupted all over her body. He continued to massage gently with finger her clit and began to move his penis in her, slowly at first, then hurried. She continued to issue very quiet sounds, unable even to scream with delight. He already fucking her fast while deep strokes, which if filled her whole. She bowed her head, closed her eyes and cried loudly. The thrills of orgasm shook January, but before they realize it, he knew he had not done and continues to fuck her. She also was ready for more. Only a few moments she needed to excite again to the limit. Her next orgasm was simultaneously with his.