2 – The robe

– I hope you understand what you are doing – he said quietly while holding his hand under her robe. – Because if you keep this up, I can not stop myself.

– Who wants to stop? – Ada looked at him with the same defiant look.

He began stroking the inside of her thighs under her robe. While his other hand held her so that his hand could grab her breast through her robe. His fingers began to massage, as occasionally played with hard nipple. Ada made a soft sound of pleasure.

– You know how long I dream about it – he whispered in her ear. – And all the time I was sure that you want it, and you in every way avoided me. Teasing me? – Simultaneously with the question he moved the hand that was between her legs so that her pubic triangle covered hill, and one of his fingers reached her anus and pushed. Hell cried.

– Maybe I have fretted – until she managed to say as his fingers massaged her anus. He gently put him inside and she moaned loudly. Then it out, he waved his hand and placed it on her other breast, stood behind her. He continues to grope her breasts without her robe removed. But he almost had untied and open views between her legs.

– Then you’re a very bad girl! – He whispered in her ear by gently bit. Hell more than moaned that his hand was not there between her legs.

Without saying anything, he suddenly got up from the couch and grabbed her hand. He led her across the room to the large mirror to the window. The curtains on the windows were tightly drawn. They stood before the mirror, he was again behind her. His hands slowly pulled down her robe and was naked Hell. He slid both hands to her clit, gently past him and grabbed her hips inside their country. For this purpose it had leaned forward in this movement Ada felt his hard member in his pants. It made her cry and quickly pressed his ass to him. He let her do it alone and even brushed against her. She moaned again, almost frantic. She wanted him enormously. One of his thumb stretched to her clit, which had become so sensitive that she had a feeling that can do right now. But he quickly waved and passed.

– But do not disturb you and leave you to work.

Ada looked distraught in the mirror …