1 – Where it all started

inbedI come! – Yes rattled the hallway with his slippers high heels, tied satin robe and opened the door. – Hello!
Stone was, the junior partner of the firm in which Ada worked two months. It was terribly nice and equally awful was into Hell, but she was determined to change his life and to stay away from any trouble. So in these two months he was not having sex with him, although she wanted.
– I came to get you project for tomorrow, I want to look at it because Catherine is sick and you may have to help us for the presentation – and he handed her two folders.
– Oh … it’s pretty. I’ll try to be ready for tomorrow.
She looked at him as if expecting him to say goodnight and go. But he stood in the doorway and looked at her with a slight smile. Ada felt a strong desire to drag him into his bedroom, swallowed and said:
– Thank you, that I brought them.
He was still standing in the doorway, smiling.
– Please. … I can go to discuss them if you want. Embarrassing me is that they load so at the last moment, I can at least help you.
Yes, except that his eyes told another. But what the hell. Ada had lived almost as a nun in these two months. Partly because it was decided to start afresh, partly because they knew nothing at all about Agent K. since he left her that way, and she even acted iron libido. But the lack of sex had never returned it. Hell decided it was time to be himself and smiled, glancing Stone before half descended eyelashes. Well ruled that look.
– Yes, maybe I need help …
She left two glasses of whiskey on the table and sat down beside him. Leave her robe to dissolve slightly and found that the man’s eyes are slid together with satin in her thigh.
– Lately I’m pretty tired – she stretched her arms above her head where her nipples slightly protruding and sharply outlined in satin.
His gaze split between the thigh and chest.
– I should not have to give you more work then … – he said as he leaned toward her. She took her hands and looked into his eyes.
– I’m a working girl, no problem. Besides … I have my ways of relaxing – and she ran her hand on his neck, where her fingers slipped under the cloth and he imagined what touched there.
– It’s okay … I also feel tense right now … – he dared to put his hand on her bare thigh.
– I do not know exactly whether it will relax. Rather it … – Hell took his hand from his thigh and tucked it under his robe, between his legs. At that moment he was sure at least one – it was without any underwear.